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I'm here today to announce that we will bring our first server out on survival 1.17, we feel that this is the right match for our server to focus on first. Survival is all about the community and taking care of its players, I myself have played on different servers as long as different games, such as FiveM and Rust, Where the community was there but the owners of the servers didn't listen to the wants and needs of the players. All they cared about was how much money they could make in revenue. With that in mind, we at Block Central want to start something that will hopefully give more joy to the players of all the communities in the future. That being said, we don't want our server to be hard to understand like our last one was, we're going for Quality over Quantity. The plan with Block Central is to offer something new and exciting. We are also very excited about sharing the plans we have for this server. I talked about it a little in my last announcement, We are Launching a Survival server in 1.17 and the theme will be Viking, it will offer stuff that you already know and love, as well as give new features that we believe will make the server Unique and fun to play. We chose this as our first server because Minecraft is just an awesome game that you can always come back to. With the new Cave Update that brought along tons of new blocks, mobs, etc, we thought it was a perfect time too! The server will have custom quests, a custom economy that focuses on the community's willingness to work together, we'll all work together to make sure the Economy stays at a healthy level. The server will offer things such as time-limited shops. With all that said we have so many ideas, we want to bring, making sure the server looks exactly like we want it when it's released. We don't have a set release date yet, but hopefully, we can tell you when in the near future

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