Server Rules/Information


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  • Listen to the Staff
- This does not mean you can not have an opinion, if you think a staff member is abusing their powers, you can report them on the forums or the discord
This is the first rule for a reason. Our Staff is selected based on ability, meaning that what they say should be accepted as law.
  • No attempts to abuse bugs/exploits or glitches
- This can range from anything, from plugin glitches to minecraft exploits
Doing this gives you an advantage over other players, which is unfair. Bugs are problems with the setup of either one plugin, or conflicting plugins which allow players to avoid the intention of one plugins feature. Exploits are a bug or glitch with results that better the offender. A glitch is an unintentional break in plugins that give unexpected outcomes.
  • No abuse or disrespect towards anyone
- This also includes DDoS, Death, or DoX threats/attempts
As a community accepting of younger players, this is not allowed. All players, ranks irrelevant, are equal.
  • No spamming
- The use of bots to spam will result in punishment simular to using hacked clients
Spamming disrupts chat for every player. This includes frequent use of any commands that affect the server.
  • No hacked clients or client mods
- However, you may use PVP clients like badlion/lunar client
Hacked clients are not allowed. Although some client mods are allowed. The exclusions are; Optifine and other visual mods/shaders, Minimaps and inventory modifying mods such as Invtweaks, or any other mod that does not give the player an advantage in any way or form.
  • No abusing commands
- If you're caught abusing commands, your current rank will be temporary disabled
The commands you receive are not a right, they are a privilege.
  • No advertising
- There is no appeal for advertising. Do not advertise.
Promoting other Minecraft servers and/or their websites is considered advertising, as players are encouraged to leave BlockCentral for other servers.
  • Occasional swearing is accepted
- However, this does not mean you're allowed to cuss someone out entirely.
In the end Minecraft is a family game, meaning that swearing should be kept to a minimum. We do allow it, but if you are asked to refrain from swearing by an staff, please do. Harsher words than the common few are not accepted.
  • No evading bans
- Evading a ban will double your ban time minimum
If we've banned you, it was for a good reason. Don't try to circumvent the system, we will find out.
  • No referring or linking to inappropriate content
- Doing this will get a guaranteed gag/mute
We request that you keep any crude humour or inappropriate material to a personal message where it won’t possibly offend others. This includes but is not limited to: pornography such as nudity and sexual acts, and scarring images such as gore and lewd acts.
  • No vulgar usernames
- No extra info, do not have vulgar usernames
Player names with references to any form of sexual, discriminatory, racist, or insensitive subject will be banned and asked to change their name. This applies to new players and regular players who change their name.
  • No Lag orientated Redstone Creations
- This will result in a perm IP ban
These include intentional lag devices. If asked by a staff member to downsize the build, do it to avoid punishment.
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